There are so many moms out there that also work, either part time or full time. So how are we supposed to focus on healthy eating and exercising while at work? Here are some simple tips to make that task a little easier.

Physical Activity

1. Take every opportunity at work to walk. If you work in a building with multiple floors, take the stairs and walk to the next floor up to use the restroom. Walk to a coworkers office to ask a question instead of using the phone or email. If you can, make your meetings walking meetings. If you don’t need to write anything down, have your meetings walking through the halls and up and down the stairs.
2. Take exercise breaks. Instead of sitting down in the break room with a snack, grab a bottle of water and go for a walk, either around the building or outside. Keep little hand weights or exercise bands at your desk and do bicep curls, straight arm raises, or rows. Take a moment and do a set of squats. If you are worried about people watching you, close your door. But, no one should feel embarrassed about taking care of themselves. Who knows, maybe you will even be an inspiration.
3. Use the “Buddy System.” Exercise can sometimes be easier when you have someone to share it with. Try to get a friend or a group to walk with you. Or put together a group that agrees to workout once or twice a week, either before work, or during lunch.
4. Wear ankle weights. Wearing ankle weights can help burn extra calories with each step, and help tone your legs.

Healthy Eating

5. Brown bag it. Save yourself some calories by bringing your lunch to work, at least half the time. Pack your lunch while preparing dinner the night before. You can portion out whatever you make for dinner into a single serving container, or pack up some of the vegetables or fruits you cut up for dinner. Also keep things such as low-fat string cheese, greek style yogurt, whole wheat bread, and natural peanut butter that are quick and easy to pack up.
6. Keep healthy snacks at your desk. Make sure to keep snacks such as whole wheat crackers, fruit, pita chips, nuts, and natural popcorn in your desk drawer so that when you need a snack you are not tempted to hit up the vending machine which may have unhealthier options.
7. Know before you go. When you do go out to lunch, know where you are going ahead of time. Look up the restaurant’s menu online before you go. This will give you a chance to think about and pick out the healthiest options before you get there.

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