In fitness and in life, getting to your destination is all about the journey.  And sometimes, traveling the road to good health alone can be a very difficult task.  Family, friends, and whatever other support system you find can help pull you forward when you feel like going backwards.  And, sometimes having someone other than yourself to be accountable to is motivation enough to not give up.

Whether you are just starting on the path to healthier living or have been traveling for a while, we are going to share some great ideas for everyone as far as building your community of health.

1.  Surround Yourself with Inspiring People.  One of the best ways to be inspired to exercise and eat right is to surround yourself with inspiring people who have a passion for healthy living.  This means join a gym, join a running club, a sport, or find a trainer.  This also means find people at work who love to eat at healthier restaurants and join them for lunch, find a neighborhood group that loves to swap healthy recipes or who meets for a walk around the neighborhood.  Being among likeminded individuals may make it easier to reach your own health goals.  If you can’t find any of these groups, take on the challenge to set up your own group.

2.  Find a Way to Inspire Others.  Sometimes sharing what you have learned along your journey can be inspiring to yourself as well as others.  A great way to do this is to volunteer at schools, community centers, or any other place that may have an audience.  It doesn’t even have to be a group of people.  Sometimes an audience of one is all it takes to spread the word about health and fitness.  Share your excitement for health with a family member, neighbor, or coworker.  And if we can inspire just one person, who takes this and shares it with another, we have done our part.  Again, starting a neighborhood walking group is a great way to inspire others.

3.  Lead by Example. Show friends, family, and children what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.  Get out and run or walk in your neighborhood, play with your kids outside,  shop at your local grocery stores, farmers markets, and local farms for fresh, healthy food, and take your family to local healthy restaurants.  It is in a child’s nature to follow and mimic what they see, so if we can show children how easy and fun healthy living can be, that might carry over into adulthood.  And involving your family and friends in this way, it may make it easier for you to continue being healthy.

4.  Find Your Passion.  There are so many different ways to get healthy these days, from gyms and trainers, to fitness classes and clubs, that there should be something out there for everyone.  And if you don’t know where to start, go to your local gym and ask about trying the different classes.  Bootcamps, Zumba, Martial Arts, and Spinning are just a few of the groups and classes around that you can try.  And they are all different.  There are also classes for women only, if you are a fit mama who would like to surround yourself with other fit mamas while working out.  There are also community based classes, such as Stroller Strides, that are great for helping families get in shape.  There is no need to think of getting in shape as a difficult, boring chore, when really it can be a way to express yourself.

My passion is spreading the word about healthy living and one way for me to build a community of health is to write these blogs, train people in our gym, and run with my daughter and her friends at their running club.

No matter how long or short your road to being a fit mama, let us be there to take the journey with you.

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